Maurizio Baldassari is a place of belonging, where tradition and creativity, excellence and good taste are inextricably intertwined to create our style, genuine and unique, based on shared values.

The fresh vibrancy of the Brera district, which has always inspired our brand, permeates our spirit and defines our approach: we aspire to authentic and sincere relationships, we put vivacity and passion into everything we do, and we relentlessly seek beauty and quality, without compromise.

If you also share our values and passion, if you want to experience the simple exclusivity of our adventure, join us.

Joining Maurizio Baldassari means becoming part of a big family: real people, united by a common passion for genuine beauty. People who grow together thanks to the sharing of skills and trust, in that atmosphere of elegance, originality, creativity and care for every detail that we breathe in our collections. 

We deeply believe that People are the roots of our growth and we have always been committed to ensuring a pleasant, welcoming and positive working environment, based on mutual collaboration and trust. We define personalized growth paths, enhancing the potential of our employees with diversified training programs and internal mobility. 

Because only by truly putting people at the center do Company and People grow together.

Brera Attitude: our Style and Values 


Skills and Experience (to know and to develop)

We have knowledge and consolidated experience that we wish to constantly integrate and develop, also thanks to the contributions that new talents can bring. 

Our creativity and curiosity are in constant motion: that is why we constantly invest in the growth of our people.

We develop the talents we have internally, even before seeking them externally: managerial positions are mostly filled by our developing people.


Aim for excellence

We aim for excellence in everything we do. 

We aim for continuous growth in skills and experience to ensure we create the highest quality, market-leading  products.

We are always striving to improve, to satisfy our customers and people in everything we do, taking care down to the smallest detail. Careful attention to people as well as to our product is our strength. 


We are careful to ensure respect for the environment and safety; we also seek these values in the supply chain. 

We develop a green work culture internally and firmly believe in the need for a proper and healthy work-life balance; we guarantee this for our people.

We wish to uphold family values and at the same time the value of our local area.


Authenticity in relationships

We build trusting relationships with our people, our customers and all our partners.

We have lasting relationships based on mutual loyalty and respect, but also on valuing everyone’s differences and contributions.

We take care of our relationships and our people: ensuring a harmonious and positive climate based on collaboration  and sharing is among our priorities.





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